Strictly Learn Dancing part 2 – The Rumba


As I explained in part 1, I was taking part in a charity dancing competition – learning 2 ballroom dances in 6 weeks.  Now we are on to the dance of love … The Rumba!

For this Emma designed something dark, brooding and sexy.  We had a lot to live up to!

Both costumes were made from the same bright blue base fabric (you can see this in the photo of Paul’s final fitting), then another, shinier, more sparkly fabric was laid over it to get a lovely deep 2-tone effect.  For a bit of added sexiness we decided to use just the purple shimmer for Paul’s shirt sleeves.  I then added even more sparkle to his shirt yoke.

To tie the 2 costumes together I used Paul’s shimmery top fabric for my frills.  It’s lucky that I quite like my legs!Rumba costumes Rumba action C




To see these costumes in motion, watch the you tube footage below.