Strictly Learn Dancing part 1 – The Quickstep


Our local hospice put on a charity event called Strictly Learn Dancing.  In just 6 weeks you learned 2 ballroom dances then performed them on stage.  My (then) boyfriend/partner and I decided to take part in this.  We love dancing but had never tried ballroom and I really wanted the chance to be swept around a dance floor wearing a big flouncy frock.  What’s not to like!

Of course, being a costume maker I made our costumes.  I asked my good friend (and wonderful costume designer) Emma Waugh to design my dresses and she gave me a beautiful dress.  For the Quickstep we went pastel and frothy with a multicoloured, multi-layered petticoat.

The dress was then made from a layer of pink sequin over a green/pink shot satin with gold godets and highlights.  All with added sparkles.  I even added a fake necklace of crystals to the flesh net.  For Paul I made a cumberbund (sadly un-crystalled) and a crystal encrusted bow-tie.

and to see the costumes in action have a look at this youtube footage:

To be continued …