Time to go Global


It’s always encouraging to get repeat business.  So when I received a phone call from a previous client I immediately said yes and came out of my summer sabbatical 4 weeks early.

The brief is to make 2 complete sets of costumes for 6 dancers – I have just 4 weeks (& 1 lovely assistant).

Thankfully, most of the fabrics arrive a week before I am due to start and my studio starts to fill up with (more) colour.

Bright, Vibrant colours to lift the soul.

The first year I made these (2016!) I had 101 questions to ask the designer (Ashlee Hill) – how big do you want the collars/pockets/sequin cuffs?  Does the balance work better with 3 or 4 buttons?  What type of pockets does Mr. Khaki have; box pleats or inverted pleats?  How wide is the stripe down Mr. Sporty Blue’s sleeves & shorts?  The photos below are the kind that I would send for answers to my questions and what my computer photo files are filled with.  However, this was a repeat order so I didn’t have to worry about these things!

Four weeks later and they are all ready to be packed up and delivered.

Here they are, my costumes on stage at the Global Village in Dubai.

Johanna, 1 of my lovely assistants and her assistant Audrey, working whilst enjoying the summer sun.