Your questions answered

How much will my dress/outfit cost?

It is of course very difficult to estimate a cost without knowing any detail of the wonderful creation you have in mind. As a guide, a very simple, bespoke, hand-made wedding dress would start at around £1,800.

Everything I do is bespoke and I will always try to work within your budget so please get in touch to discuss the cost of turning your imagination into fabric.

How long will it take to make my dress/outfit?

As a rule a 4-6 month window is the best way to allow for fittings, planning and making sure everything is perfect for your big day or event. Obviously, the longer timescale and more flexibility the better, but please get in touch to check my availability or if you do need something more urgently.

How many fittings will I need?

After our initial discussion and the excitement of getting your ideas down on my sketch pad, between two and five fittings is usually enough (the first one is a full mock-up version). As long as your shape doesn’t change too much after that, neither should the outfit …

Do I need to make an appointment?

Absolutely! I can offer you complete flexibility with appointments, including evenings and weekends, but I cannot guarantee always being in on the off-chance. I work hard but not 24/7 J

How long will an appointment last?

The initial appointment is always the most interesting and depending on the clarity of your ideas can last between one and three hours; but you can have as long as it takes.

Can I bring other people with me to the consultation/fittings?

My studio is quite small and full of many wonderful things so it might be a bit of a squeeze, but please feel free to bring others with you. Please let me know how many are likely to come so I can get prepared and get enough tea ready. And if you are bringing children then I only have a small garden as entertainment and there are lots of sharp implements in the studio… just so that you are aware.

 Do you have examples or a showroom?

All the garments I make are one-offs and made for specific occasions or events so I don’t really keep samples. The studio is full of fabrics and books, however, which might inspire your imagination, and we can see how different fabrics and colours look on you during our first meeting. There may be some ‘works in progress’ around that you can view as well.

I must warn you that tidy and artistic are rarely conducive and my studio reflects that; so be prepared to enter a creative space…

 Do you make copies of other dresses?

The simplest answer yet. I can – but I won’t. I am always happy to discuss creating some ‘inspired by…’ pieces but I would never infringe on another designers copyright.

Do you make bridesmaid and prom dresses?

I can create beautiful garments for any occasion and have made bridesmaids and prom dresses in the past, however the cost is very similar to that of a bespoke wedding dress so please bear that in mind. One solution might be to design something which can be used again under a different guise.

See my blogs about the two-part prom dress which can, and has, been worn to multiple special events.   On another occasion I gave a bridesmaid’s dress a magical make-over to transform it into a wedding dress.

What if I change my mind after you’ve started my outfit?

I have quite strict rules around payment and in the simplest terms: If you cancel before I order any fabric then you are entitled to a full refund. Likewise, if the fabric has arrived and I haven’t started to work on it then you can arrange collection, but with no refund. If I have started to create your garment then unfortunately I would not be unable to refund any payments or materials. Sorry but I’m sure you understand that is how it has to be!

What if I lose/gain weight, change body shape?

This should never be an issue but, like everything else, the sooner I know the better. Having worked and trained in theatrical costuming most of my career, I am used to last minute changes and always leave plenty of seam allowance, just in case. But please let me know as soon as you can all the same.

 Do you do alterations?

I am always happy to alter clothes I have made, either because you’ve changed or what you want to use them for has. But I don’t do ‘regular’ alterations.

More information…

The process and the experience of working with me has been beautifully explained in blogs written by two of my customers here: “Creating the Perfect Princess Prom Dress” and “The Perfect Prom Dress – The Mother’s View” (These were very kindly written for me by the (very articulate) girl having the dress made and her mother.)

If your question hasn’t been answered here then please don’t hesitate to contact me, via the contact form on this website.  I look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and hopefully making you a beautiful outfit.